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Ledger Sharing

Outstanding Balance SMS

We, NaamJama.com, Offers You a Platform and Your Own Web Address to add Debtors and Creditors and their Transactions. It works as like as we login on bank website to check bank transactions in our bank account. All of Your Debtors and Creditors Parties Can login with their unique Login id and password on your website to Check their Ledger (Only Their Own Ledger) and Outstanding amount balance with You. NaamJama.com's Ledger Sharing Platform is world's first platform which differentiates ledgers into particular ledgers of opposite party. It also helps in saving time by sending Weekly Outstanding Balance SMS to your parties. It is helpful in GST Return also, by Confirming Purchase and Sales Transactions with your Debtors & Creditors online.

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Our Specialities

Grow Business in Professional Way

Make Your Parties to Check their Transactions Details with You for Confirmation, which gives your Business More Professionality.

Database Security With Safe Codes

Your Party Details and Transactions will be Uploaded on Our Server, which will be Safely kept by us. Our Priority is to keep your Data Safe.

Notifications to Parties

You can anytime Send Notifications to your Parties, for any Event or Reminder, Which is more Convenient and Professional.

Offer, Reminder etc.

Web Address Branding

Now, Register With Your Own Subdomain, It is as Like as Your Website, with Company Name, giving Branding.


Outstanding Balance SMS

Your Ledgers will be shared, You can also Send Outstanding Balance SMS to Your Parties.

Closing Balance SMS

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About Us

Our, NaamJama.com's, approach is to deliver end-to-end solutions to Our Clients leveraging technology and product expertise. We take pride in providing a wide range of solutions and services catering to Distributors, Wholesalers and Agent sectors. Our product includes Solutions like giving Login Access to our Clients, and Providing Platform to enter transactions of their clients. By which they can share ledger with their clients. We Provide Services, from Online Roadmap and Process consulting to system design and implementation, which enables you to get the maximum Success out of your Business.

NaamJama.com is an emerging Latest Technology based Ledger Sharing Online solution which provides its end users a real time visibility of the Client Status, Balance Amount and Transactions Details in simple and secure manner. NaamJama.com in a simple way can be described as online, safe, backed-up and up to date solution for Distributor's, Wholesaler's, Agent's Business.

We develop tools which are to fulfill the needs of our Clients and your Clients. We provide cost effective, simple-to-use tools which gives a positive shift to businesses. We believe in delivering Accurate Solutions and focus on Performance and Security to make customers rely on us. It gives Services to Confirm Accounting at Anytime from Anywhere, with Your Clients.

The NaamJama.com team consists of a different group of people with a common passion for work and utilizing their multifaceted skills and experience to help our Clients succeed. Our NaamJama.com's team is very passionate to create a world class solution with outstanding user experience.

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NaamJama.com FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What Services does NaamJama.com provide?
NaamJama.com provides a system where accounts are stored online, and it distributes its ledgers and gives unique login id and password to ledger holder party. Ledger holder party can login with their id and password on party subdomain name as "....".naamjama.com to check their transactions.

2. What is Cloud Computing?
cloud accounting means online accounting, Instead of accessing the software from your computer hard disk, you can access it over the internet, by storing data Online on the Server.

3. How Cloud Computing is more Safe?
Its helpful and future proof in various ways:
 -Computers are vulnerable to the virus attacks
 -Access Anywhere on the go
 -Safe from unforeseen incidents like pc stolen etc.

4. How will our debtors and creditors will get id and password?
On Account upload on our server, your debtors and creditors will get your subdomain name and id-password via SMS.

5. How it is helpful in GSTR Return?
When ledgers are shared with debtors and creditors, then can check their transactions online on your subdomain name, they can confirm that you have processed their transactions in your books of accounts.

6. What are Payment Options on NaamJama.com to buy Accounting Package?
To buy a plan on NaamJama.com, you have various Payment Methods to pay. These are Debit\ Credit Card, Net Banking, BHIM UPI through PayTM Payment Gateway. You can also make Directly Cash/ Cheque/ NEFT/ IMPS Deposit into NaamJama.com's Bank Account and then upload its receipt.

7. Can we Claim GST Paid as input on Accounting Package Purchase?
Yes, there is option to send your GST Number to us while purchasing a Package, we will make a GST B2B Invoice with mentioning your GST Details on Invoice.

8. How the Refer System works on NaamJama.com?
When you register on NaamJama.com, you will get a referral code, which will be useful for cashback offer. when any new user registers with that referral code and buys an accounting package on NaamJama.com, both you and they will get a cashback from us.


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